Allee Sioux, the Destroyer of Sleep, strikes again!

She peed… on my stomach…..not even kidding right now……..

This poor girl has had a rough lot in life. After the issues we had with my boy coming from a dishonest breeder, we did a lot of research before deciding on her. We have been in love ever since! She is happy! She is spunky! She is down-right adorable! She is the loser of the genetic lottery! She walks like Igor! (Probably because she has a hunch back.) She makes me giggle and think of the movie “Meet the Robinsons” I have a big head and little arms and I don’t think this plan was well thought out. Master?

We noticed as the snow melted that she kept falling over any time she would try to run. (If anyone knows a way to keep a hyper puppy from running please let me know!) We took her to the local vet and they said it was waaaaay above their pay grade. Here we go, off to CSU again! This trip was not nearly as pleasant as the last time she tried to die in their care. The first trip they answered all of our questions, they texted me pictures through-out the day so I could check in, they made us feel at ease leaving our fragile puppy in the hands of a team of specialists. This time……..not so much. I won’t go into a bunch of details but we will sum it up to: I chewed out a neurosurgeon, and told her the only reason I think she works with animals is because she wants a doctor’s paycheck but needs a field that doesn’t care if your patients die. (Have I mentioned before I have no filter???)

Poor Travis was stuck in the car in a blizzard by himself driving back from Fort Collins with 3 kids, 2 bulldogs, and no idea that the procedures almost killed her so she was hanging on a thread. He was a little stressed so I took over on puppy duty once they walked in the door. Poor little girl looked like a reject from an animal testing lab. She couldn’t walk, half her totally body was shaved in random patches, her eyes were red, her mouth was blue, her breathing sounded like a velociraptor, oh did she stink! And because the doctor was a dickweed we didn’t get discharge instructions to know the fun side effects of her meds…..

So everyone knows, Dogs respond to most medications the same way humans do. Prednisone makes them bitchy (haha get it!) and it also makes them very thirsty. Which we all (now) know makes them pee A LOT (duh). I was so worried my little French Dinosaur wasn’t going to make it through the night that I had her in bed with me. That way I would be there if she needed anything. I don’t know if I was sleeping so hard that she couldn’t wake me up or if she had to go so bad she couldn’t hold it. All I know is she was on my chest, she licked my chin once (that I remember) and then slammed her sweet little paw on my face. I didn’t have time to finish asking her if she needed to go ouuuuuttttssi…..because she was whimpering on my completely soaked chest!

That poor little girl was obviously terrified when I started screaming and jumping out of bed to get her outside. I ran down the stairs in a very awkward combination of trying to cuddle and comfort her while not pressing the urine into my skin or her fur. I have no idea how I didn’t trip down the stairs and kill us both. I got her safely to the grass and was baby talking and petting her to let her know she wasn’t in trouble and it’s ok to go now. She sunk her big little head down and gave the saddest puppy eyes ever witnessed by man. She made Puss in Boots look like an amateur! Every ounce of her, down to the flopped back Dobby ears, said “I’m really sorry but I’m already empty. Do you still love me?” Of course I do! Let’s go strip the bed down babe. This time we will throw some beach towels down too.

I have heard jokes forever that they need to make an alarm that sounds like a dog/cat about to puke because nothing wakes you up faster. WRONG! If the dog is hacking that means I can sleep in later because the other one now has breakfast in bed. But if that little pup comes within an inch of my face I am halfway out the door before I even realize I’m moving. No more golden showers for me! The neighbor have probably gotten a few free shows on the warmer night. Maybe that’s why the one set is moving…..

Disclaimer: I don’t let my dogs puke on the bed, and I don’t let them eat it either. It’s a joke. Don’t be so pretentious.


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