The Hoo-Haa Hula

I’m a finalist in the local bike rally poster model contest. That’s a mouthful! (or not because I’m trying to win it the honest way ;D) Being a natural redhead I’m having to put in some extra work to stay in the running. The biggest one is that my skin, much like all the other soulless gingers, runs somewhere between porcelain and alabaster and has so many freckles it would make a cheetah jealous. I LITERALLY glow under black lights. The words of the Great Nail Tech Kimber “it ain’t cottage cheese if it ain’t white!” rang through my head as I analyzed the 3 baby saddle bags I was sporting in a bikini. Spray tan it is!!!

We have a gal in town that is amazing. She can make a stunt double from “Powder” look sunkissed. She sprays a bunch of the local body builders so they don’t look like Arnold had a love child with an Oompa-Loompa. She totally made me look like I belonged in the pictures for my beach wedding last June. (She is a miracle worker! There might be black magic involved) I rushed down to schedule an appointment for a few days before the finals. It is actually a few day process if you want it to look natural.

I went in on my lunch to get a quick bed tan in so it had time to set before getting sprayed after work. Of course she happened to have a cancelation right then and talked me into just getting sprayed over my lunch hour. Luckily, I was already dressed for the process since my plan was for after work. This just means my dress was loose and that my bra/underwear were pretty much worthless for anything other than keeping skin from touching. The biggest thing I had to worry about is the fact I use a yoga ball for a chair at work. They aren’t very forgiving when it comes to “swamp ass” since they is no air flow through plastic. Sweating is one of the biggest things that will ruin a spray. She reassured me that I could just lean back or stand for the rest of the day and it would be fine *insert reassuring hand wave that sales people are famous for*

Her timing was perfect. I rushed back to work with a few minutes to spare. Now for the fun part. Not sweating. This is way harder than you would imagine. My desk isn’t designed for standing while working. Thus the yoga ball. This is right up there with “my crush for the last 10 years is finally making out with me” on levels of hyper focused on the amount of crotch sweat happening. Aaaaand I work in a doctor’s office. It’s not like a can strip down and hide for a little while. I’m having to come up with very creative ways to air out ”the goods”. I did a series of yoga poses to the fax machine and back. I practiced twerking at the filing cabinet. I fanned out my dress like a little girl. I did the Kilt swing standing at my desk. I walked like a sumo wrestler down the hall. All this time watching like a meerkat to make sure a patient or a doctor doesn’t walk up while I’m fanning. That would be my luck.

Of course I want to apologize to my coworkers. They are having to deal with my weirdness. I haven’t figured the correct way to say “sorry about the smell” as I’m wafting out my downstairs. (spray tan has a very distinct odor, my lady garden would smell fine normally) Even I can’t say that with a straight face! But I did have to share that thought with the office. They are just as demented as I am.

I’ll be standing here doing the Hoo-Haa Hula, hoping I don’t yoga ball a toilet seat ring on my back side that will last for the duration of the tan! Nothing like strutting in high heels and a bikini looking like you just got done with a number 2.

First World Problems right here…..


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