Covid-19 How it has affected us as a whole

Turmeric infused toilet paper. Not even lying right now. I can’t make this up. While searching to see if bathroom tissue was available on Amazon yet we found this. Rest assured, we are good on toilet paper, we just like looking up weird things.


What in the world would give someone the idea to put turmeric on their TP?! Did they eat a buttload of curry and then think to themselves “I wish I could get this refreshing burn and horrid smell without being forced to ingest all that delish Thai food?”. Was it a bet gone horribly wrong (or right)? Did the person want to play a prank and a flock of hipsters jumped on the health food band wagon? Maybe there is research out there that states turmeric is better absorbed rectally. Never in my life did I think I would be wondering if my anus is deficient in turmeric.

I’m really hoping that there in fact no turmeric in said TP and they just did that to make sure the brave people still has access to clean bums. But that doesn’t make sense, brave people are already filling their hiking packs with pinecones before all the good ones are taken.

The description doesn’t help me figure out if this is a joke or not.


Layer: 3 layers

Leaves less lint behind

1 roll has about 170 leaves..

special picture design makes you feel delighted each time you use it.

Makes your bathroom a fun place to visit when your friends visit

Cute Christmas print makes you feel holiday atmosphere.

Septic-safe bath tissue

Compare with similar items

irresistibly soft toilet paper with a unique cushiony

Five elements: Natural wood pulp: Paper is hard and not easily broken because it uses raw wood pulp.

Flexible three layers: thick design, skin-friendly, high density, uniform, soft and comfortable.

Wet water is not easy to tear, and the tight fibers are placed horizontally, so it is easy to wipe off debris and protect the skin.

Fine breakpoints: Flatten breakpoints and easily break them without wasting. Medium: According to the habits of most people, it is not wasted.

Occasion: home, cafe, shop, restaurant,etc

Material: Paper

Package Content:

6/10 x Roll Paper

I don’t care if it is a grizzly bear with sandpaper because I only want 2 things; To be clean when I’m done and to not have it on my hands! (but I still intend to wash them. Because that’s what non-savages do)


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